Sunday, August 23, 2009

Suits Suits Suits

Gotta love a slim cut, well-tailored suit. I am planning to get my hands on a couple for cheap before I leave. I feel that younger men in America are afraid to get a well tailored suit, or do not know the rules of a correct fit. If you buy a suit at a department store it should be necessary to get it custom fit to your body. Your jacket should not look like you picked it right out of your dad's closet. Too much? Ok, Ill stop.

Pics via: The Sartorialist


caradee said...

well fitting suits are hot, i'll be honest. also, i feel like that last line was directed right at mark, hahaha.

JCD said...

OK...are my suits that bad??? I can't get away from pleats and cuffs and Jos A Bank. There you have it, confessions of an older person.