Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Interesting Medicine Packaging

This is a new way of thinking about medicine packaging. It makes sense to choose your medicine based on your symptoms. Plus the packaging is biodegradable. Designed by the firm ChappsMalina. Check out their website here.

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JCD said...

Except it took me another second or two to acknowledge in my brain the display was about pain relief or whatever. Sometimes the messaging can get lost in the design attempt. I'd be interested in their sales numbers. Would seem perfect for hotel and boutique gift shops where you're browsing and this fits the bill. BTW, I paid $2.00 at a hotel for 2 (count em - 2) Aleve tablets. That would extend out to be $100US for a bottle of 100 (they are $6 a bottle at Kroger). When you need it, you need it.