Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Google Me" Business Cards

Interesting way to attract attention.  One would only hope that there wasn't a serial killer with your same name.  

Download the template for yourself HERE
Via: Designboom

Sunday, March 29, 2009

New England Team Kits

Quite minimalistic new kit design by Umbro, headed by designer Aitor Throup. The new designs try and refer back to Umbro's early roots of finely tailored athletic clothing. The crest itself seems to have had a little update with some subtle colors added which can be seen within the flowers. The jerseys do accomplish a sense of british gentry, however they may be less intimidating or flashy than some of the other brands. Maybe that will actually make them stand out more. Now only if they could add another star above their crest...

You can watch a video about their design HERE
Via: Hypebeast

Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Sartorialist: March

Some of the images from one of my favorite sites thesartorialist.com.  You can check out all of March's posts HERE

Friday, March 27, 2009

New Air Max 90's w/flywire

The new Air Max 90's with a slew of Nike technology. Flywire uppers, and nikeFree Hybrid soles. For anyone who doesn't know what that means, Flywire is a new upper technology that uses ultralight but extremely strong Vectran threads (stronger than Kevlar) to make shoes lighter than ever. Plus they add a nice dramatic visual effect.

N.A.S.A. Ft. Kanye West and Santigold: Gifted.

If you really want to trip out, just watch this video. Reminds me of a mixture of red planet/Space Odyssey/and Contact.

DJ Kue Heartless Remix

I like techno. I like Kanye. Mix the two together and you get something special. Nicely done by DJ Kue. I hear a lot of people try and remix Kanye's songs and I can assure you that just because they are on youtube it doesn't make them good.

Download the track HERE

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Generic Surplus 09 Line

I dig the new spring summer line of shoes from Generic Surplus. Can easily see myself wearing a pair of these everyday. Nice classic looking style and muted colors.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clinton Park, NY

A building designed by the "ten architectos", it is meant to provide a new residential and commercial hybrid building for the city of NY...as the bottom floors will be home to things such as a car showroom, public market, and even a 300,000 square foot stable for the nypd police, while the design of the upper floors is reserved for residential space. The swooping middle structure makes sure that each floor has access to their own terrace, while simultanously throwing a little more green into a gray cityscape.

Read more about it HERE

Lace Apartments by ofis architecture

Apartment building designed by ofis architecture utilizes the numerous the 3-dimentional lace concept to provide privacy and differentiation among each of the apartments as the roofs and balconies differ in each one.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Kim Kardashian GQ shoot

Beautiful women are always good design. This is from the newest GQ shoot with Kim and her BF Reggie Bush. Lucky, lucky man.

Sweet Water Bottles

Now I am a huge proponent of drinking tap water, and I actually despise the idea of bottled water in the first place considering we have some of the cleanest tap water in the world, and because of all the waste...from the plastic in the bottles to the energy used to ship the water. This is especially true for the imported waters. Anyway, with that rambling out of the way, I do think that some of the bottle designs that you see in the stores are excellent. I saw this VOSS bottle at a gas station, and I literally bought it just because I loved the design so much. Simple, yet it stands out. Everything is plastic, and the top grey part is the lid that reveals the spout when unscrewed. And it tasted...just like water.

Making of the Air Yeezy

Just found this article on Kanye's Blog. Actually goes through the design process of the shoe, from Kanye's initial inspiration to the Nike innovation kitchen.

Check out the article HERE

Check out other pics HERE

Wacom Cintic 12WX

This may not seem as cool to any non-designers, but trust me this thing rocks. It is a digital pen tablet that, unlike older tablets, allows you to see what you are drawing on its built in screen. So you no longer have to look at you computer screen to see what your hand is doing on the tablet. Plus the design is simplistic and functional. I own an older tablet right now, and I would probably sell my first born to have this one. Well maybe thats a little extreme, but you get the point.

Nike Air Yeezy

The air yeezy catches my eye for 2 reasons. The first is the light grey and orange color scheme, which I think always look good together. The second reason is for the fact that the high top is so outrageously tall, it commands attention...kind of like Ye himself. Also notice that the pattern on the strap are tons of little Y's embossed into the plastic. Nice little detail if you ask me.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Kanye West on VH1 Storytellers

Hands down one of the best performances by Kanye. The live performance of each song ends with a sort of personal time, where he dives into his personal life and also the reasoning behind each of the songs. It certainly brings a fresh sound to the already great songs. Check out the actual stage. It seemed so simple, yet was able to burst into a full spectrum of digital lights. His outfit was fresh, and he actually made the autotune sound good live. I hope they make a cd for this...

Todays Images from the Design Observer

Erik Baker collects a series of intriguing images taken from the depths of the internet, and brings them to designobserver.com daily. Here are just a few that I have taken, but you can view the whole days worth here.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

John "808s" Mayer?

This is John Mayer trying his hand at a little beat composin' with the 808 machine.  I really dig Kanye West's style of song making, and Im sure even he would be satisfied to hear this one.  I was actually impressed with the song enough to put it on here.  Check it out.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Transformable Messenger Bag

A bag of three faces. I dig the simple design and color. For some reason I am a fan of the neutral greys and browns. Anyway this bag can be a messenger bag, backpack, and briefcase. One of my final design projects was just like this. Bastards stole my idea...

Kid Cudi - Superboo

This is actually a fan video made for the song, and I might say they did quite a nice job.