Friday, April 10, 2009

Niko Villamor - Rescue Op

This is one of my new favorite underground rappers. Known as Niko Villamor or Villa Vill, he reigns from Atlanta and his beats are smooth and his lyrics and flow mesh well with each one of his songs. From his beats down to his signature long straightened hair, he cannot help from sticking in your head. This is one of the singles off of his new album, also titled Rescue Op. The video could have been done a little better, but the song still rocks out. The lyrics refer to the rescuing of HH or hip hop, and the theme is set up through an interesting storyline presented throughout the song, as well as the sampled "waiting for you" in the refrain.

Also, free download available here for another one of his songs - All Over the Globe. This one has a more laid back beat and a nice use of sampling (I like it a little better). You can download it HERE

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