Tuesday, April 21, 2009

NIke Lunar Glide Plus

Nike just a this new running shoe earlier this month. The shoe, meant to be a trainer for top athletes, incorporates some new technology that makes it catch the eye of the industry. The midsole incorporates a new type of dynamic support that is lightweight, and actually adapts to the foot during each step providing both stability and cushioning. Also in the shoe are the flywire technology first introduced in the Beijing Olympics which further decreases weight. All this will apparently be under a $100 price tag when they release July 1st. Not to shabby for some extremely well designed, or should I say sexy, shoes. I basically was drooling when I saw them.

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Francesca said...

I need to find this shoe by November for my fiance. Size 12. It's discontinued on the Nike site. He was going to buy it but I wanted to get it for his birthday...they ran out and I totally screw this up. I'm a little desperate. Can somebody help me?