Monday, July 26, 2010

Bell & Ross Vintage Watches

What I love most about this is the simplicity of the watch itself. I guess I don't really even want to know how much it costs, but the design is classic and timeless. The other great thing is how the pictures tell a story. They go from setting the scene, to detailing the product, and then showing them both together in context. A very typical way to sell a product, yet these images have the added benefit of calling to an American wartime past when quality reigned, and timepieces had functional beauty.

All the details seem historically accurate...that is except that I am not exactly sure that pilots of B-17 Bombers wore loafers with dress socks...(see last pic).

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Denis deBoulle said...

Smashing an accurate pilot watch that I ever seen before. I have a better list collection of branded watches.

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