Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kanye West Power at BET Awards

I really don't care if you hate on Kanye. Yes, he does have an ego. Yes he does sometimes make obscene and immature public statements. However, being a fan of his music allows me to bypass his public attitude and enjoy what his talents really are. His beats are amazing, and so are his performances. He really goes above and beyond to try and bring the audience into the experience of his songs. The same goes for his music videos as well. The set for his VH1 Storytellers concert was extremely simple, yet powerful. The full LED lighted background, complete with a simple square light stage really played well with the sound of the music.

VH1 Storytellers: Heartless

Here is his most recent performance for his single, Power. The stage imagery and mountain feel really correlates with the song, and I think makes for a great show. Somehow, the song just wouldn't feel as right on any normal stage.

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